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Key objectives

The key aim of EBF is to support and action initiatives which will help the Council in its delivery of A Strategy for Jobs: The City of Edinburgh Council's Economic Strategy for 2012-17.  The EBF has endorsed this strategy which will strengthen not only the economy of Edinburgh and its city region but Scotland as a whole.

The goal of this strategy is sustainable growth from investment in jobs and concentrates on 4 keys strands:
  • Invest in the city's development and regeneration
  • Support inward investment
  • Support businesses
  • Help unemployed people into work or learning

The key indicators of success are:

  • Support the creation or safeguarding of 20,000 jobs in Edinburgh
  • Council supports £1.3 billion of development in Edinburgh
  • Support the movement into work or learning of 10,000 people

Four strandsgoal





There are three key performance indicators to measure the progress of the strategy's four programmes. After the first year of the strategy (1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013), the three KPIs were at the following levels:

Target 1: Support the creation and safeguarding of 20,000 jobs

Progress: 2,835 (below target)

Target 2: Support £1.3 billion of physical investment

Progress: £124.5 million (on target)

Target 3: Support 10,000 people into work or learning

Progress : 2,369 people (on target)